House Calls

Why do some people prefer a House Call instead of an Office Visit?

People may prefer a House Call appointment for a variety of reasons including privacy, convenience, and health reasons. By meeting in your home, work setting, or other location, you will further protect your privacy and save time in travel. Individuals who often choose this option include people who:

  • are too depressed or anxious to leave their home;
  • have a medical condition that makes travel to the office location difficult if not impossible;
  • prefer to avoid accidentally meeting their neighbor or employee in the waiting room;
  • have concerns with privacy; or,
  • simply find office settings intimidating or uncomfortable.

How do House Calls work?

1. Once you decide to begin with a House Call, please call 805-284-1783.

2. Prior to meeting for the first time, please read and sign the consent for evaluation or treatment form and complete all the assessment forms before I arrive to your location (I will have extra copies if you forget or you do not have a printer). Please attempt to complete the forms before I arrive to your location so that we have more time to talk.

3. We will meet for 60 minutes for the initial visit and 15-60 minutes for follow-up visits.

4. As part of the first meeting, we will review all the treatment options and you decide what feels right for you.

5. Regardless of whether you select an Office Visit or a House Call, you have the option to switch at any point.

Canceling Appointment

Please call with a minimum of a 24-hour notice. If you cancel with less than 24 hours remaining until your appointment, you will be charged the full amount of the visit (administrative fee).

Urgent Care

After we meet for the first time and begin to work together, please leave your reason for calling as well as contact information and I will return your call as soon as possible. If you require immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to the hospital emergency department. If you need assistance between the hours of 7pm-8am, you will need to call 911 or go the hospital emergency department, especially if you need immediate attention. I do not provide any hospital inpatient care at this time.