Private Practice Clinical Services



As part of the initial meeting, I typically meet with the parent or guardian or legal represenative first to learn about the reason for seeking services. I also prefer to meet with the child or teenager since it is important to understand their point of view. Depending on the situation and age, it might be necessary to meet with everyone as a group instead of individually.

One of the guiding questions is whether taking medication will be reasonable to help with the presenting symptoms and condition. It is rare to prescribe medication after the first meeting given that additional information from teachers is often helpful to establish a reasonable working diagnosis.

The first meeting will also offer an opportunity to determine if we are a good fit and can work towards the same goals.

One important part about taking medication is that you feel comfortable with your child or teenager taking medication. We will talk about any concerns and questions that you may have about the use of medication.

If your child is working with a therapist, my role will be to prescribe and monitor the medication as well as support the services offered by the therapist. It is my hope that you feel comfortable and confident about your decision to have your child take medication.

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Consultation Service

If you would like a professional opinion about your child's diagnosis and/or current treatment, I am happy to meet and review your situation.

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